Garden Ideas and Trends for 2022

Gardens are essential for maintaining the well-being of the humans, animals, and insects around them. They also offer a place for relaxation and enjoyment. But today’s gardens should do much more than simply look pretty; they need to serve us in countless ways.

Have you ever gazed into the future and wondered what the next big thing in gardening is? What are garden design trends 2022? How do I build my dream garden?

The beautiful thing about gardening is that you can create a little bit of heaven with a little bit of effort even though you are undoubtedly surrounded by urbanised concrete.


Whether your vision lies in a small city plot, undeveloped rural land or your back yard, Bayside Landscaping can turn any backyard into a personal paradise without breaking the bank!

One of the most exciting things about working with Bayside Landscaping is that you always can discuss your creativity, and together we can make something unique for you and your family to enjoy.

Gardening trends have been changing all the time, and in 2022 it will be no different. Here you can find a few tips for your dream garden.

Whether you already have a garden or are planning for your dream garden, the tips in this article will show you how to bring it to life.


·         Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Out - Blurring the lines between indoors and out extends the living area.

·         Set up a small herb garden in front of a sunny window.

·         Set up “garden rooms” to extend your living space, providing you with a place to get cozy while enjoying the fresh air.

·         Place hanging planters outdoors, positioning them in front of a window so you can look out and see greenery.

·         Provide ample lighting with string lights, uplighting, lanterns, and outdoor lamps, etc.

·         Designing with Dark Foliage - Plants with bright flowers or vibrant foliage colours such as silver or chartreuse are standouts on their own. But the secret to really making them pop is dark foliage.

·         Gardening for a Changing Climate - Long-time gardeners know that weather changes are affecting the way we garden. We’re all familiar with drought-tolerant gardening and including plants that can handle excessive temperatures, but another manner of gardening is gaining traction: gardening for fires and floods.

At Bayside Landscaping, we are a team of specialised and trained garden landscapers equipped with a variety of tools and equipment to help you create the ultimate garden of your dreams. If you have any sort of gardening or garden landscaping requirement get in touch with us at 1800 156 225.


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